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Savarez Cantiga Alliance High 510AJ Classical Guitar String Set

Savarez Cantiga Alliance High 510AJ Classical Guitar String Set

Classical Guitar Strings

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The Set

Savarez is an expert on manufacturing strings, they have being in business since 1770! They innovated with the first "Carbon" treble set (on 1990) that remember us the natural gut brighter sound rather than the plasticous sound of nylon strings.

The Savarez Cantiga Alliance High Tension Set 510AJ is an all time best seller, a must try for every guitar player with great quality-price relation. The Set sounds loud, powerful, bright, projected and with deep basses. 

The Trebles

Alliance are the Carbon treble set of Savarez, you can find it mixed with all their different bass sets (Corum, Cantiga, Cantiga Premium, Classic) and it provides a bright, clear, projected high end sound for your guitar. As is usuall on carbon trebels, this set has a strong character and tends to improve a lot the final sound on not so good guitars.

The Basses

Cantiga is the basses set for the lovers of a deep, profound, powerful low end sound. This set is darker and les bright than the Savarez Corum and the Savarez Classic basses set.

In our own opinion, we LOVE this basses to play "explosive and powerful" music like the Brouwer's Toccata de Pasquini or the Ginastera's Sonata Op. 47. 

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