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Savarez Corum Alliance Normal 500AR Classical Guitar String Set

Savarez Corum Alliance Normal 500AR Classical Guitar String Set

Classical Guitar Strings

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The Set

Regularly the Normal Tension on any string set means easier playability, better and easier vibratos, lightly brighter sound and generally less tension for your hands.

This Corum Alliance Normal Tension string set has an imponent, bright and projected sound. As all the normal or medium tension sets, it's easier to play and you can make perfect vibratos with this strings.

The Trebles

Alliance are the legendary (the first ones) carbon trebles available for Classical Guitar, made with a denser material (than nylon or gut) that produce a bright, projected and powerful sound. Since Savarez introduced the Carbon strings for the first time in 1990, it established a breaking point on the classical guitar sound.

The Basses

On 1996 Savarez launched the Corum Basses, a very elastic and flexible strings that removes the common stiffnes on the classical guitar basses.

Corum Basses are very powerful and even explosive when needed, with bright sound, fast response and huge dinamic range.

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