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MicroMesh Cloths

MicroMesh Cloths

Nail Care for Classical Guitar Players

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The Micro-Mesh cloths are the finest polishing material we've ever known.

Instead of the common paper backing the micromesh has a cloth backing in a sandwich like construction, on the bottom we have a piece of flexible and durable cloth, in the middle there's a cushioning layer and on the top the abrasive Silicon Carbide cristals.

The cloth provides longer durability and flexibility than the paper and the cushioning layer regulates the abrasive letting the silicon carbide cristals to penetrate the cushion layer instead of making deeper cuts on your nail. The manufacturer even advertise it as MICRO-MESH™ THE NON-ABRASIVE ABRASIVE...

The Micro-Mesh are extremely durable, we know some guitar players that have theirs for a couple of years now!, it's recommendable to change them every 3-6 months to keep sounding at your best, though.

MicroMesh is available on small rectangles of 3 x 4 inches with 4 grit options: 4000, 6000, 8000 and the ultra-fine 12000.

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