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Knobloch Erithacus BioNylon EDB33.5 Guitar String Set

Knobloch Erithacus BioNylon EDB33.5 Guitar String Set

Classical Guitar Strings

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The Set

Knobloch is always thinking about the music and how to improve the guitar playing of us all. That can be listened to on their strings, all their sets are great quality. They are done with passion and love for the Guitar.

The new Knobloch Erithacus basses with their newly developed BioNylon trebles are designed for guitar players that want a natural treble sound over warm and round basses. You will enjoy the perfect match of tones, both so natural, round and organic, without any plastiky sound from Nylon strings. And yes, we are almost sure you will love Knobloch strings.

Medium tension set, model EDB33.5, with a total combined tension of 33.5 Kg (the sum of each string tension).


The Trebles

BioNylon Trebles are a new material developed by Knobloch that involves natural fibers from the sugar cane and lots of love to produce a natural sounded treble that will make you feel and sound refined, deep, warm and very expressive... Trebles are more bright than most Nylons but less brigth than most carbons.

The Basses

The Knobloch Erithacus are the most natural, warm and rounded basses of their entire line, the sound is kinda new, it's very different from the common classical guitar bass sound. You will notice that the basses diminish a little the left hand trasladation annoying noices and they will feel more organic and natural to play with.

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