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Hannabach 500MT Classical Guitar Strings

Hannabach 500MT Classical Guitar Strings

Classical Guitar Strings

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The Set

Hannabach is a high quality german guitar string manufacturer that used to sell high end classical guitar strings until the arrive of the model 500 that has pretty good sound with all the experience and quality of the brand but with a very affordable price.

The idea was to creat a perfect entry level guitar string unexpensive and with good sound. They ended up making a very good mid level guitar string with awesome rich and full basses (almost all hannabach bass sets are rich, full and warm) and a clear warm trebles. The package is awesome because it's eco-friendly and hermetic (strings will last longer).

Hannabach 500MT is a medium tension set of Nylon strings made in Bavaria, Germany.

The Trebles

Hannabach 500 Nylon strings have a good timbric range, great vibrato and warmer, mellower sound than carbon trebles. This are very lyrical and full trebles. 

The Basses

Almost all the Hannabach bass sets are very rich, robust and warm. We have always thought that the big bass sound on Hannabach is related somehow to the huge amount of great bass singers that come from Germany and northern countries.

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