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Guitar Shield

Guitar Shield

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Protect your guitar from nailscratches and keep it safe with the clear glueless Guitar Shield that holds in place using just static! It will attach to any shine finished guitar (it will not work on matte guitars).

As the guitar shield attaches to the guitar with static you can put it on and remove it several times, if the shield doesn't sticks to the guitar itself after a couple of uses just wash remove the dust and it will work again. This put on, take off it's not usual and you can leave the shield on "forever" as we do...

Please use it only on guitars with at least 6 months old, newly barnished guitars can exhale some fumes and the shield can keep those exhalations trapped and might damage the barnish. Please ask your luthier before use! There are LOTS of different materials and methods used to barnish classical guitars and we can't assure you the Guitar Shield is 100% safe on all of them, again, please confirm with your guitar maker. 

The Guitar Shield has 3 separated parts, one for above the strings, the other one for below them and the last one is a small rectangle that will protect just under the bridge for those annoying marks that the strings leave after several string changes. All of the shields are designed to protect any shiny finished guitar top. It's available cutted in a standard and generally useful way or uncut, for you to cut and fit perfectly to your guitar shape.

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