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D'Addario ProArte Carbon EJ45FF Classical Guitar Strings Set NT

D'Addario ProArte Carbon EJ45FF Classical Guitar Strings Set NT

Classical Guitar Strings

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The Set

A relatively new set (introduced in 2014), the first D'Addario's Carbon treble set has changed the common denominator on Carbon strings: the bright and sometimes thin sound, changing it for a warmer but still bright overall sound. 

As all the normal or medium tension sets, it's easier to play than it's high tension counterpart, requires less effort and facilitates hand relaxation, it makes vibratos a lot easier to control.

The Trebles

All the Carbon trebels have a quick attack and great projection, sound brighter and louder than Nylon sets. On this particular set this D'Addario Carbon trebles pair very well the with the Dynacore basses, offering a best selling set with well balanced, powerful, brigth, bodied and projected sound.

The Basses

Dynacore basses are done using a flexible composite core that gives elasticity and flexibility to the string. That propieties result in a very powerful sound with present overtones, rich tones and projection.

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