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Crossrock Fiberglass Guitar Case Red

Crossrock Fiberglass Guitar Case Red

Classical Guitar Case

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Want to protect your guitar with a pretty good looking case that's comfortable, light and rain/water proof? You need a Crossrock Fiberglass case.

It's the 3rd generation of these cases designed in the US, and has been improved a lot since the first one. Now the cases are more sturdy and strong than ever, you can trust it with the everyday transportation and protection of the beloved one (your guitar!).

This case can easily handle more than 90 Kg. of weight on top of it, has a comfortable handle and shoulder straps to carry your guitar hands free! The latches are top quality and the inner side is covered with a very soft velvet and lots of cushioning on strategic parts to guarantee your guitar has a cozy bed...

It's the ideal case for everyday transportation regardless if it's by car, uber, bus, train or any road trips. The only thing we DO NOT recommend is to fly with it as checked baggage (you can take it as carry on if the airline baggage policies allows it).

  • Weight: 3.6 Kg.
  • Extra sturdy and secure handle.
  • Comfortable Shoulder straps, carry it as a backpack!
  • Male-Female waterproof seal.
  • Thermal and Humidity insulation provided (to a certain level, you still cannot leave the guitar under direct sunlight for too long!).
  • Model: CRF2020CRD
  • Internal measures: 
    • Overall length: 40.35 in (102.5 cm). 
    • Body length: 19.3 in (490 mm).
    • Upper bout: 11.6 in (295 mm).
    • Waist: 10.2in (260 mm).
    • Lower bout: 15 in (380 mm).
    • Body depth: 4.9 in (125 mm).**
    • Body depth with bridge: 6.1 in (155mm).

** The sponges allow any height between 10 cm to 14 cm.


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