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Augustine Classic Red Classical Guitar String Set

Augustine Classic Red Classical Guitar String Set

Classical Guitar Strings

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The Set

Back in the 1940's, the luthier Albert Augustine and André Segovia were responsibles of the first Nylon string set for the Classical Guitar, before that all the guitar strings were made with animal guts. Since then it's the favorite brand for a lot of classical guitar players. 

The Augustine Classic Red set is the evolution of that original first Nylon Classical Guitar String Set played by André Segovia. It has a real classic sound that remember us the old recordings. Sounds very smooth, kind of velvety, with a darker tone than it's relatives Augustine Imperial or Regal.

A very good overall set, with balanced sound, offers lot of control to the player making perfect vibratos easier and allowing fine and sutil nuances on the playing with a lot of colors.

The Trebles

Augustine Classic trebles are a medium tension set with a lyric, warm and bright sound. Great for music of the Classic or Romantic period.

The Basses

All the Augustine sets have the same basses, just varies by tension (Red are normal tension, Blue are high tension)*. Why change something that's a good product, excellent quality, low priced and best seller, there's simply no reason to...


*There're also a black-low tension bass set and a gold one brass-plated cooper winding (prefered by flamenco and jazz players) but those sets are not part of our catalog.

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