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3M Silicon Carbide Open Coat Sandpaper

3M Silicon Carbide Open Coat Sandpaper

Nail Care for Classical Guitar Players

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In 2008, the Italian guitar player and one of the best teacher we ever studied with, Adriano del Sal, recommended us this Sandpaper. We've loved it since...

The abrasive surface is made with Silicon Carbide, a hard mineral that leaves a very fine and smooth finish. We recommend using it as last step of polishing or just before the MicroMesh cloths.

In Mexico this files are commonly referred as Wax Sandpaper because after using it your nail feels like waxed. Edgar Medrano, an excellent young mexican guitar player once said: "I feel like the white stuff that comes on the sandpaper filled up and seals the pores or imperfection of my natural nail".

3M 405U 500 Grit Sandpaper available in packs of 10 perfect pocket size sheets of 2⅝ x 3 in. (measures may vary up to ⅛ inches).

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